Cornwall counselling hub

Cornwall Counselling Hub

About us

Cornwall counselling Hub makes it easier to find the Counsellor right for you. Often the hardest part of getting help is the step to reach out for professional support so Cornwall Counselling Hub has designed its service with this in mind,

Making it easy for you to take an important step towards resolving the issues that trouble you with a free telephone or e mail consultation with the counsellor you choose.

Our Team

We have a small but select team of qualified therapists which means you can access the counsellor that is right for you with whom you can make that all important personal connection.

Here at the Cornwall Counselling Hub we only offer therapists who have been chosen for their empathy, expertise and genuine desire to help people to understand what is troubling them.

Our therapists are chosen based on their high ethical standards and absolute confidentiality, but above all for their warmth and trustworthiness. We offer person to person, video and telephone counselling options to suit everyone.